The Impact of Video Surveillance on Public Safety

The Impact of Video Surveillance on Public Safety

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There are millions of video surveillance systems that are installed in streets and businesses all across the globe with the sole goal of increasing public safety and reduce crime. Though concerns have been raised off and on, they are very useful. Most of these concerns are related to the security and privacy issues of the camera recordings. If the firmware used in these systems is not upgraded on a regular basis or if there are incidences of a hacked password, then the recordings can get into the wrong hands. It is quite possible that in such cases the entire area is watched by malicious minds sitting remotely and planning something that can cause a major harm. When maintained properly, there are no such issues.

Let us see the impact of installing these systems on public safety.

Helps in Preventing Terrorism

In most of the nations, public video surveillance serves as the primary tool for monitoring the public movements. This also helps in nabbing the suspicious people from the crowd and hence prevents the acts of terrorism.

Helps in Nabbing the Culprits/Suspects

When the Boston Marathon bombing happened in April 2013, the value of public surveillance technology increased multifold. This is because the investigators were able to identify the two suspects of the bombing by sifting through the images captured on the installed city’s cameras.

Deters Criminals

The United Kingdom, which houses only1% of the world’s population, boasts of 20% of the total installed CCTV cameras in the world. There are around 4.2million cameras installed here, which comes out to be one for every 14 people. The law enforcement agencies here rely heavily on these surveillance systems to discourage criminals and thereby prevent the happening of the crime.

Instills a Feeling of Security

If the public finds that the areas in their vicinity are under surveillance, they feel safe and secure. The petty thieves and muggers generally like to stay away from areas that are under surveillance. It also discourages shoplifting.

Thus, we can see that the impact of video surveillance on public safety is by large positive. A video surveillance camera installed in public places is definitely a good way to deter and prevent crime. If some mishap occurs, then also it is very useful in the post-crime investigation for catching the culprits. By following the right and appropriate maintenance practices, having video surveillance is one of the most effective ways of making the public areas safe.

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