3 Considerations to Make Before Moving your Phone System to the Cloud

3 Considerations to Make Before Moving your Phone System to the Cloud

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The technological advancement has seen changes in how businesses handle their communications. Today, people within an organization can keep in touch with their colleagues who are out on the field or doing other business away from the office. Many companies have realized that switching their telephone to the cloud can save them lots of money and also give them greater capability and flexibility in the business telephone system.

Cloud calling can be an economical solution for small business – because it provides advanced features of a costly Private Branch Exchange (PBX) without the associated maintenance and costs. With the company’s main phone number and an extension for every user, it is possible to integrate mobile sales representatives, telecommuters and employees in different office locations into a single phone system that links calls to the entire staff, irrespective of their location.

Sounds interesting, right?

Yes, it is – but you shouldn’t just hop on to the first option that comes your way. Switching your phone system to the cloud can be a significant undertaking, so it’s best to put your things in order before first. Here are some three considerations to make before moving your phone system to the cloud.

Your needs

The first and most important thing to bear in mind before switching is your business needs. If you do not depend too much on your phones to generate income, then you might make do with a cloud-based system. However, if you need phones to offer support and solutions, maintain contact with clients or set appointments, a hosted cloud solution is your best bet. A cloud-based telephone also makes the most sense if you are trying to grow your business or you don’t have an internal IT team – because it provides incredible features and everything is managed for you. And the best part is, a cloud phone system is much more scalable than the traditional one.

Confirm network quality and connectivity

The quality of your internet and connectivity are aligned when it comes to cloud phone service. Before you make the switch, also known as conmutadores, be sure to double check with the ISP upfront. It’s essential to be certain that your network is provisioned to your satisfaction before the actual day.

Network security

In addition to your needs, you also want to focus in on your network security. Look at what you already have – like firewalls and stuff, and decide if you still want to use it or make adjustments. It’s a good idea to find a vendor who is experienced in IT security – a cloud phone system can expose you to risk of malware infection, data breach among other security issues. Having a provider who has expertise in IT and VoIP will guarantee the security, network integrity and quality of calls.

The service provider

As stated earlier, the market has incredible options when it comes to cloud phone systems – finding one who offers solutions that match your needs, at your preferred budget is critical. A good vendor is one who doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution. On top of catering to your security needs and enhancing your call quality, the right provider will also offer solutions like disaster recovery

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